ACL and Kalypso

The main intention to develop ACL was to provide an easy way to configure ActionScript compilations. Searching and porting a suitable script language was the more efficient way to realize this goal, than inventing a completely new language. Hence, ACL is no independent script language, in fact the gross of ACL is based on Tcl and works also in the same way. Kalypso is a porting from Jacl which in turn was ported from the native Tcl interpreter. Hence there are some differences between each of these interpreters. But the syntax of ACL, Jacl and Tcl is nearly the same what leads to code that is easily portable or completely identical. On the basis of these facts it should be clear that ACL and Tcl are not 100 percent the same but the bulk of syntactical and semantic rules are the same. More detailed information can be found in the documentation as defined below.

The ACL interpreter

The ACL interpreter can be implemented either by use of a SWC or a SWF. Furthermore all other stuff is loaded by the interpreter system when it starts. These additional packages consist the ACL commands and special commands to interact with ActionScript.
For detailed information about the two integration options and about the methods which are provided through the interpreter interface see the documentation or the language reference for IInterp.
Here you can download the all the files you need to run the interpreter system. Besides the interpreter and command packages the ZIP archive contains some additional material which is described below. Moreover you can downlaod the sources of the interpreter and the used commands.

There is a few additional material which comes with the interpreter system.
First of all there is the interpreter configuration, which is a XML file, that is parsed by the interpreter at start. This way you can configure the interpreter in an efficient manner. For more details see the documentation.
The interpreter system is open source and of course it is extensible, so that you can add your individual commands and settings. Custom commands can be combined in separate extensions, which can be loaded from everywhere. The documentation describes how extensions for ACL are developed. For this purpose you can use the extension template as well as the compiler configuration file to easily compile your extension and to create the corresponding documentation.

ACL documentation

Kalypso is explained and documented in a single file, which describes all parts that are neccessary for the understanding of the whole system. Furthermore there are language references for the acl interpreter core, the native acl commands and the special ActionScript commands. These references explain the functionality of classes and commands and show examples if possible.

PDF documentation

Language references

ACL tools

Prototyping editor

The editor is built in AIR to write and test Acl code easily and comfortably. Therefore its usage is very simple. But its main purpose is to write prototypes of ACL functionality and applications. That is why the editor includes an extensible snippet library. For more details on how to extend the snippet library see the documentation. Last but not least, you can save or load your code as ACL files, which are directly connected with the editor.

The prototyping editor with code shows the the appropriate red triangle The prototyping editor with the open snippet library

ACL developer tool

This little tool is developed to adjust properties of ActionScript objects. Imagine you have to adjust the positions of some graphic objects. Normally you have to set the x-value, compile the application and check if the object is on the right place. If not, you have to set the x-value again, compile and check it one more time. To make this process faster, you can include the ACL developer tool in your code, add the appropriate objects and change their properties at runtime. If you have reached the right value, take it and insert it into your code.
The window of the ACL developer tool is very small, draggable and minimizable, so that it will not constrain the development.

The ACL developer tool in use


The Acl interpreter system and Kaylpso are released under the MIT license.
The license can be read by clicking the link beloww.